In Vlissingen, 27th March 2002, the day before we got married.....
Walking through the centre of Vlissingen, 27th March 2002
At the Keukenhof, 29th March 2002, the day after we got married.....
At the Keukenhof: Ruth and Peter
A new pair of wooden shoes at the Keukenhof
On the beach in Knokke, Belgium, 27th April 2002
A long weekend in Den Haag, 18th May 2002
At the Oosterscheldedam, 2nd June 2002
In Vlissingen with Jan and Lambert, 18th August 2002
At home with Nusia, 18th August 2002
Tarpon Springs Florida, September 2002
with Esther, Jeffrie, Mom, Rachel and Angel